The New Wine TKLR adventure began with a passion to make the love of Jesus known to the whole world, by preaching the Gospel and by being disciples of love ourselves. At the beginning of 2021, the project emerged in spirit and materialized a few months later with the creation of clothes intended to share the revelation of the true nature of God and also of our identity in Him. Subsequently the original idea of ​​spreading love in the world was further concretized by obtaining the associative status. We are now an association that continues to spread God's love through quality urban clothing, but we also engage in actions on the ground.

Our mission is to provide assistance to the poor and to anyone in need, whether morally, materially and/or spiritually. But also to make people aware of the value of human life, and this we do by sharing our Christian spiritual, educational, social and cultural values. Indeed these are rooted in love because we believe that by understanding the love of God, we come to truly love ourselves and others.


You can get to know more about our projects by clicking here.


Our merch's designs are made to convey the message of who God is and who we are in Him. Our merch is elaborated to be a good conversation starter about the Gospel and love of Jesus Christ. You can shop them here


We also ensure that our merch is ethically made and we reinvest 100% of the profits in the life of our organization to improve the conditions of human beings on this earth and in eternity.

Image by Rod Long